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Kjersti Dirdal

Painter, lives & works in Stavanger, Norway


I have been painting and drawing nearly all my life, and a while ago I devoted most of my time to do art.

You will find me in the atelier /gallery "Det Lilla Galleriet" (the purple gallery) located in down town Stavanger, in Fargegaten (Øvre Holmegate)

Here I paint, somedays have an open studio, and I also arrange fun painting classes, see

If you would like to meet up for a chat at the atelier, you are very welcome!



Juryed member of NFUK, 2021

Rogaland Art School, 2016-2018

Various drawing and oil / acrylic painting courses 1990-2020


2023  Ullensaker kunstforeing Jessheim, juryed paining at NFUK anual exh

2023 NFUK pop up show, Sandnes sendtrum

2022 Frida Hansens hus, Stavanger, with Anne Gamman

2021 Vestfossen kunstlaboratorium, juryed paining at NFUK anual exh.

2020, Arranger of Handmade Stavanger, 6 crafters cooperation, running  a summer exhibition/shop 2020

2020, Pop-up (sales) exhibitions in during weekends in Stavanger Sentrum in empty shop location

2019, Arranger of 400 kr Art Show, 14 artists  sales exhibition, Stavanger

2019, Solo exhibiton at Sola Strand Hotel

2019, Art Auction, Prosjekt Pupp, Cancer Care Rogaland

2019, Arranger of Pop-up sales exhibition in Stavanger Sentrum, 5 artists represented

2019, Arranger of Malerisk i Sentrum, Group exhibition, 6 local artists represented

2018, Arranger of Holidays sales art & crafts exhibition, in Kirkegaten, Stavanger

2018, Atelier F25, Opening exhibition with Dayan Galaz.

2018, Opening of artist driven gallery and exhibition space,  Atelier F25

2018, FiberCup Stavanger, Art Auction

2018, Art Aution, Prosjekt Pupp, Cancer Care Rogaland

2018, Ouroboros, KIR graduation exhibition

2018, Solo exhibition at UNNDEG, Bryne

2017, KIR 60 years anniversary exhibition

2017, Art Auction, Prosjekt Pupp, Cancer Care Rogaland

2017, The Artthou Showcase, Stavanger

2017, Para Para, Rogaland Art Center, Rogaland Art School

2016, Arranger of Pop up Art Show with other artists, Stavanger

IMG_5155 (1)_edited.jpg

As a mixed media Painter based in Stavanger, I strive to create captivating and soulful artwork. Through my paintings, I aim to push my artistic boundaries and evoke emotions. Each brushstroke is crafted to communicate my perspective on the colorful life and the world around us. I invite you to join me on this artistic journey, where I explore the beauty and complexity of the human experience.  

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